Technology watch

WSR-88D from NEXRAD is a large-scale radar system with 1 MW transmission power supplied by a travelling wave tube transmitter. These systems cost approximately $4 million. The WSR-88D provides
reflectivity data with a resolution of 1 km, and a range up to 460 km. Velocity data have a resolution and range of 0.25 and 230 km, respectively.

METEOR 600C from Selex10 is a pulse-mode Doppler radar that works in the C-band, has an output power of 250kW, and a maximal range of 200 km.

The Local Area Weather Radar (LAWR) is a miniature magnetron-based weather radar system that is based on a Furuno ship-borne radar system, and developed by the Danish Hydrological Institute and Alborg University.

The WRM200 has a magnetron transmitter, and the WRK200  is equipped with Klystron technology. These radar systems are also equipped with the SIGMET RVP900™ signal processor, which provides comprehensive digital intermediate (IF) and signal processing functions on an open Linux PC platform.


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