e-Radar HD Real Time and Alerts on your Android device

eRadar HD shows radar, watches, warnings and advisories for the United States Issued by the National Weather Service on Google maps. With eRadar HD you can see tornado, rain, snow, and hail clouds movement on Google Maps around your location in real time with higher resolution images than any other app for Android. You can send weather alerts from app to your friends by e-mail. With distance indicator you can measure distance from your location to the center of the tornado or cloud.



  • Radar on Google Maps;
  • Watches, Warnings and Advisories on Google Maps;
  • Hi-Def resolution;
  • Animation;
  • Real-Time;
  • Distance measurement tool;
  • Snow and ice is shown as a different color than rain

More information on eRadar HD and download: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.Elecont.USARadar/eRadar-HD-Real-Time-and-Alerts